A french artist based in Belgium.

A movement, an attitude, a position can be the source to many interpretations.

You just have to add a few lines and associate a human body in motion with an object to create an unlikely situation wich reveals our human condition.

My work is an association of ideas, an unexpected combination offering a humorous approach of our lives often treated with a touch of cynicism. It shows familiar and childhood objects on stage.

Some objects seem sometimes scary. Their familiar visual impact strongly rooted in our consciousness reassures us, revealing our human condition.

I play with different sizes of the elements of my composition, it makes objects come to life and bodies in movement appear like being manipulated.

Who is manipulating whom ? Who is playing with whom ?

« L’homme est une marionnette qui a l’illusion de la liberté. »Félix le Dantec

My work raises questions about our place in our consumer society.

All my approach is based around recent events.

In my world, all items are real but one can wonder which of the object or character is source of my inspiration.

The creative space becomes an active game where everyone is free of thinking …